You do you, I’ll do me

I came across an excellent picture today, one that I posted. It says


And wow, did that really speak to me. Because it’s the truth isn’t it? We spend so much time worrying what others are doing, what others are saying, what others do or don’t have. We’ve become a society of Drama Llamas, obsessed with the grass on the other side of the fence. When we really should be focused on ourselves.

It’s none of our business why average Joe over there decided to paint his house in rainbows, or why that girl down the street is selling her car, or why one of your Facebook friends changed their status to “Its Complicated”. We don’t need to know everything, and if they wanted us to know the reason, I’m sure they’d let us know. We are nosy. We poke around in each other’s lives where we need not be. We talk behind each other’s backs. We over-speculate, and we assume.

So I look at this quote again. It’s true. You need not worry about what I’m doing. If you want you to know the reason, or want more information, then you can wait for me to give it to you. My business is just that, MY BUSINESS.

This past weekend I followed some advice and launched a fundraiser for myself on the GoFundMe website. I stated the reason for my actions, an explanation of my disease, and an informal request for others to help support. Support for my health, for financial aid with rent, medical bills, necessities, and for continued mental support. It was fairly self explanatory I’d say.

I was floored with the almost immediate response and donations. It’s still early days in my fundraiser but I’ve already raised close to $1000 in just under a week. Wow. I felt love, so much love and support. Some donations were from people I didn’t even know, my link passed on from friend to friend.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I received a negative comment from someone regarding this. Instead of encouraging questions about why and how, I was instead faced with discouraging remarks on why I was begging, didn’t I feel shameful for pushing my problems on others, and how embarrassed this person felt for me.

Really? Really??

Instead of pushing your disparaging remarks on me, why don’t you turn your thoughts inward and think about why you’re worried about what I’m doing. It doesn’t affect you directly. If you think I should feel ashamed or embarrassed then that’s for me to decide, not you. Why are you spending your precious time and energy worrying about what I’m doing?

I’m doing something that makes me feel good! I feel the support of many and I’m encouraged and happy! That’s all you need to worry about.

You do you, and I’ll do me.

If you’d like to learn more about my fundraiser, please visit my webpage:

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