My fairy godmother forgot my address

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve got way too many shitty things happening to me at one time. Rheumatoid Disease, fibromyalgia, migraines, narcolepsy, lymphoma, tumors, and as of an ER visit last night, Pneumonia. All of these things on their own are pretty shitty as it is, but altogether? Something’s just not right…  Surely there are some healthy serial killers or rapists out there that need to be laid up in hospital beds more often than I?

So, I think what has happened is that my fairy godmother has lost my address. I mean fair enough, I’ve moved a lot in the last year. Plus, my future residence is unknown at this time. She just got confused. Or maybe took an extra long coffee break chatting it up with Cupid, I know those two love a good frappuccino. Point is, girls gotta get resituated and back on the good path. You got your caffeine, maybe even pocketed a brownie for later, now get back to work and spread some of this illness out to other people. Cause I can’t be taking one for EVERYONES TEAM.

I’m tired. And I like a frap as much as the next person. I’ll take your coffee break for you next time!

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