The $10 Nap & Other Annoyances

As previously discussed, one of my newer side effects is medicine induced narcolepsy. I fall asleep all the time. It doesn’t matter what time of the day, if I’m talking to someone or not, my surroundings, or even if I’m standing or sitting. If my body is tired, she will pass out when she feels like it.

Which is starting to make my social life a bit frustrating. Take last Sunday for example. I was not to appreciative of the fact that I spent $10 to go see a movie with my friend, only to end up falling asleep. It was a $10 2hour nap. And don’t get me wrong, I like naps. But why should I have to pay for them?? Not when I get them for free all the other times.

Now in this particular case it’s probably a good thing that I’d fallen asleep. Apparently the movie was awful, but still… not the point. And it was a tad bit embarrassing that I woke up during the filming only due to my OWN snoring. I have officially become my late Grandpa Stan. He would have been so proud.

Another not great moment was the other day in mom’s car when I fell asleep mid sentence. Normally that wouldn’t matter so much except on this particular occasion I was holding a hot beverage in my hand. So there I am, riding in mom’s car on my way to see my doctor, holding a Grande Hot Chai from Starbucks in my hand. One minute I’m talking, the next I’m waking up to a lap full of hot liquid. Beyond frustrating! I love visiting my doctor in wet clothing. Really, it’s one of my favorite things…

So here I continue. Each day a new thing. New side effects, new annoyances, new clothes to buy that aren’t stained with chai. Oh what a life…

To help support my fight against RA and help me with the little things, like clothes, bathing products, and the bigger things like a roof over my head, please visit my donation page:

Christine Lilley’s Life Fund

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