Before & After: Life with prednisone

This first picture was taken in August of 2011. I was at Six Flags with my good friend Evie, and it was a lovely warm day. I used to love wearing strapless tops to show off my tan and smooth shoulders. I loved my high cheekbones, and welcoming smile.


This next photo was taken last week at Queens Medical Center prior to my Endoscopy procedure. I look like the woman that ate Christine. And the worst part is that I eat a very healthy diet. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and mostly fish with a little bit of lamb here and there. I enjoy a piece of chocolate every other day, but I cut out soda, fast food, fried foods, potato chips, and chicken and beef. I take walks, I go swimming, I get in my six thousand steps. Most days I get close to eleven thousand steps if I’m feeling well enough. Due to prolonged pain medicine use my stomach has shrunk to the size of a child’s. I can only eat very small meals several  times a day otherwise I become nauseated and vomit. Basically my body performed gastric bypass on itself without me having to drop $10k.
And yet every day I have to wake up and look in the mirror at this person I don’t recognize because of what Prednisone did to me..

Before & After. 

Pain isn’t the only thing that has changed me in these last twenty eight months.


About sixthousandsteps

In March of 2013, I was diagnosed with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis and was told my disease was very aggressive. Every day since then has been an ongoing struggle and life lesson on how to stay positive and keep fighting. This blog is a glimpse of how it all came to be, and who knows what the future holds.

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