Before & After: Life with prednisone

This first picture was taken in August of 2011. I was at Six Flags with my good friend Evie, and it was a lovely warm day. I used to love wearing strapless tops to show off my tan and smooth shoulders. I loved my high cheekbones, and welcoming smile.


This next photo was taken last week at Queens Medical Center prior to my Endoscopy procedure. I look like the woman that ate Christine. And the worst part is that I eat a very healthy diet. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and mostly fish with a little bit of lamb here and there. I enjoy a piece of chocolate every other day, but I cut out soda, fast food, fried foods, potato chips, and chicken and beef. I take walks, I go swimming, I get in my six thousand steps. Most days I get close to eleven thousand steps if I’m feeling well enough. Due to prolonged pain medicine use my stomach has shrunk to the size of a child’s. I can only eat very small meals several  times a day otherwise I become nauseated and vomit. Basically my body performed gastric bypass on itself without me having to drop $10k.
And yet every day I have to wake up and look in the mirror at this person I don’t recognize because of what Prednisone did to me..

Before & After. 

Pain isn’t the only thing that has changed me in these last twenty eight months.

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