Independence Day- A reminder that I’m still me

I just finished what was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time. It wasn’t just that I was able to spend the majority of the time with friends and family, but also I think the excellent mood I was in kept my pain flares at bay. And that’s really the key isn’t it? A good state of mind. I’m not naive. I know that happiness won’t cure my disease, but it can keep my mind off of the pain, keep me preoccupied.

After being treated to a few delicious meals out, invited to three Independence Day parties over the course of two days, swimming in the ocean at Kailua Beach, as well as an insanely warm swimming pool, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, getting an excellent shoulder massage from a friend, meeting a cute guy, getting treated to a beautiful pedicure by my mom, having afternoon tea with one of my besties, and eating tons of yummy potluck food….I’d say that was a weekend well done!

And yes, I am tired. I’m in pain today. Going, going, and going, is not without its consequences. Though wonderfully fun, it may take me a few days to recover from such a busy weekend. I’ll spend today and tomorrow resting. And then on Wednesday it’s back to the real world and back to back medical appointments. The fun of the weekend will have faded to a lovely memory as another IV is pushed into my arm, another handful of drugs added to my regime, another diagnosis waiting on the horizon.

But it’s weekends like this last one that give me hope, and that remind me that I’m still me. I can still have good days. I can still be active to a point, and feel alive, and even healthy for awhile, and sometimes just for a moment, pretend I’m not sick. The exhaustion, the sunburn, and my purple puffy hands, just for today, seem worth it.

Please help support my ongoing independence by making a donation here:

Christine Lilley’s Life Fund

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