I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’m a germ-phobe, but let’s just say that I always paid attention in class when they showed the videos of how gems are spread and why you should always wash your hands.
Did you see that movie that came out a couple of years ago called “Contagion”? I swear that Purel stock surely went up after that. Every single person in the theatre made a beeline to the bathroom sinks after the movie let out.
Of course the likelihood of contagions spreading in the movie being a real thing today in our world is low. We are so very aware of germs and cleanliness now, more than ever before.
While on a cruise ship a year ago I was privy to the rule of not being allowed to enter the buffet-style 24-hour cafe until dousing my hands in antibacterial gel. They had a line of dispensers at the entrance with cruise staff directing traffic towards them. On my first day I started to walk around one and an employee actually grabbed me by my wrist and directed me back till the dispenser saying I wasn’t allowed to eat until sanitizing my hands. I guess that makes sense on a cruise ship more than anywhere else. I mean you’ve got thousands of people touching everything and you’re stuck with them on this boat for 7-10 days, sometimes longer.
Back in 2004, I took my mom on a 10 day trip around the Caribbean on Princess Cruises. The day we hit Jamaica I was crazy nauseated and opted to stay on the boat, eventually going down to the infirmary. Turns out I, as well as a couple hundred others, had contracted Gastrointestinal Virus. They gave me a shot which made me feel better immediately. But turns out you’re still contagious for 48 hours afterwards, and I had to be confined to my room! I mean thank goodness I had spared no expense on this vacation incarcerate staying in a suite. We had a separate living room, bathroom with Jacuzzi, and a balcony. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been for the people staying in tiny interior rooms with no window. The claustrophobia would have been a nightmare. Plus the staff came into my room and covered my bed with plastic sheets, and were frustratingly diligent about not letting me out of my room. God, that sucked.
Germs suck.
Just the other day, my Rheumatologist told my mom and I an awful story about travelling and germs. A woman flying on Alaska Airlines a few weeks ago was not allowed to board her plane because she was wearing a face mask over her nose and mouth. You know the kind, doctors and dentists typically wear them, but they’ve become more popular over the last few years, especially with people who travel. Typically, people wear them to protect themselves from OTHERS with germs. Though on occasion it’s because someone is sick, or maybe has had their wisdom teeth pulled and dont want to get dirty particles in their mouths. Whatever the reason, it’s that person’s right to be able to wear something to keep themselves safe. Well, apparently Alaska Airlines decided that because she was wearing the mask then she must be contagious with some sort of infection. (The actual reason was the woman, not unlike me, was dealing with a compromised immune system due to chemotherapy sessions. She was wearing the mask to protect herself from others who may be sick and not courteous enough to wear a mask, or even cover their mouths when sneezing, coughing, etc.) Anyway, the woman wasn’t allowed to board the plane, and obviously missed her flight. The big no-no that Alaska Airlines now has to deal with was that she had a chemo session later that day, and because they refused her admission on board their plane, she missed her very important chemotherapy appointment. Good job Alaska. What a way to make a stand!


And for my own personal germ enjoyment, just yesterday I dealt with one of those “I don’t want to cover my mouth”offenders. My friend and I were enjoying a couple of free movie passes and air conditioning on what was another scorching hot Hawaiian summer day. The movie we chose had been out for awhile so that attendance wasn’t an issue, as in it wasn’t crowded, but a half full house at least. Definitely not full enough that the couple looking for seats had to sit directly next to me. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when there are SO MANY empty rows. This couple also happen to be the kind that bought out the snack bar and proceeded to eat popcorn loudly. Normally I would have moved, but the movie was about to start and it was dark enough that finding another seat would have ruined my movie watching experience. So, I learned towards my friend and tried to enjoy myself.

The movie, overall, was fantastic. Everyone go see it. Train Wreck. Though as a slight spoiler, it earns its R rating. There’s a lot of sex and vulgar language. I blushed a few times, and for those that know me, that’s saying something. You will also possibly pee in your pants from laughter. The man next to me didn’t pee with laughter, at least that I know of…. ewww….gag.. But he snorted a few times, and coughed a LOT. That’s what happens when you inhale popcorn without chewing, FYI. He never covered his mouth or even turned into his arm or partner. At one point after snorting he did wipe something on his shorts and then proceeded to stretch by widening his legs to where they bumped mine. Eww. Thanks, man. Thanks for covering me with your popcorn spit and other unknown liquids from your upper orifice. Where is my shower?


Ok, so I know we get a little crazy about germs and infection etc. But in my case or the woman with cancer, we need to protect ourselves. And all we ask is for some common courtesy. It’d like to attend a movie or ride a bus without freaking out about what diseases people may out may not have and if I’ll contract them. I don’t think that’s overreacting.


Population control. The world is slimming down the numbers, one sneeze at a time..

Rant over. Lol.

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