One step forward, Two steps back

After careful consideration, involving a ton of research, I decided to do a nutritional lifestyle change. No one more than me is annoyed at the constant media push towards fad dieting. I get frustrated by family and friends on a daily basis when I hear about the great new diet that will cure me. It’s been a long, annoying process of sifting through rumors and facts surrounding nutrition and dieting. But no matter what is popular to do these days, every medical journal is stating that meat causes inflammation.

That’s a hard one for me to swallow. I love red meat. Steak is where it’s at. If I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any negative body impact, trust me I would. Steak, lamb, bacon, you name it, I’ll nom it. I love cooking it, and I love eating it. But facts are facts. Meat causes inflammation. I have a chronic pain disease dominated by inflammation around my joints. I have to think healthier. And if that means giving up meat for the chance to be in less pain… Well then of course I will try it.

So I researched the diets out there, because there are so so many. I wanted to choose what would be right for me. I gave up chicken a few months ago after all the meds changed my tastebuds. Spicy food became spicier, eggs started to taste moldy, and chicken began to taste metallic. At the same time I started to eat a lot more white fish. I’ve never been a big seafood person. I don’t like the fishy taste of most fish. But I found that fish that swim towards the surface are the ones that taste “fishy” while the bottom dwellers taste pretty yum. So I’m on a huge halibut & Ono kick, with some Atlantic Snapper thrown in for good measure.

With all that being said, I decided to be Pescetarian, which means I can basically still eat dairy, fish, and eggs. Excluding red meat, white meat, and poultry.

And to be honest, I was close to being that already, having given up the metallic tasting chicken, and hardly eating meat these last few months. I decided to make it a bit easier I would take on this task with my best friend who also wanted to get healthy for his own reasons. Just like quitting an addiction, we figured we could support each other in staying away from our common love: beef!

Things were going so well.. For four days anyways. And then Murphy’s Law happened… Turns out I have a special type of Anemia that only people with chronic medical conditions get. And here’s the kicker: I can’t take Iron supplements to make it better because they have a negative reaction with an important medication I’m already on. So, literally the only way I can help my body to be healthy is to EAT RED MEAT.

Are you kidding me? It’s always one step forward, and two steps back with this disease. I’m trying so hard to be well and healthy and I feel like my body is always trying to push me down.

I try to quit Prednisone and my body will shut down so the only way it will survive is to get more of the drug. I try to be healthy to lose the weight that prednisone causes, and I develop a disorder that forces me to eat meat that causes more pain. Can I never win?!

How about one step forward, and then another, and another, and then another til I win the race?



6 thoughts on “One step forward, Two steps back

  1. mrsmendymac

    Have you ever tried cutting out dairy? Take a look at this
    I’m sure if you typed in “how rice causes chicken pox”, you’d find it on the internet although it is factitious. But just give it a read. I’ve come off dairy and gluten and I’m off ALL pain medications. Not saying it’s going to work for everyone because I was in the very early stages of RA… but I’d love to see it work for you, even if it’s a little.


    1. I have tried just the no dairy and gluten free as well in the past. There was a very small change but not significant enough for me to cut my medications. I feel like I’ve tried almost every diet change out there to no avail. However I’ve just started trying Chinese healing treatments and am seeing a difference. I had cupping done a few days ago and the next day I woke up feeling amazing. I’d like to also try acupuncture.

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      1. mrsmendymac

        When you did no dairy it was none at all right.. no milk, no cheese, no cream, no yogurt nothing? I only ask because some people get confused with lactose free instead of dairy free.. it also includes goats milk and cheese as well. Even butter! No dairy AT ALL!! You have to eliminate it 100% for it to work…


  2. mrsmendymac

    I got so excited to come off my meds sorry if I sound pushy… I just wish it would work for everyone. What a simple solution to such a HUGE problem to have to deal with. I have never tried cupping but have seen the bruises… does it hurt?? They are more like hickey’s right?


    1. Yes it does hurt. There are levels to it. The more air you take from the cup the tighter it pulls your skin and the more sore it is. You definitely need some pain tolerance. Which is why I think it’s great for people with chronic pain conditions because we are used to it. I usually go middle of the road, and don’t have them on for any longer than 5 minutes. The bruises last for 2-3 days depending on how many toxins are coming from your body. I’ve seen smokers do cupping and their bruises are almost purple, while mine are medium brown-reddish. They do look like perfect formed hickeys, yes. If you can handle the pain, the benefits are wonderful. I had a great sleep that night and woke up almost pain free the next day.

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