I’ve got to stop dozing involuntarily 

I haven’t been getting very good sleep the past few nights. Despite going to bed at a respectable hour (midnightish), I seem to always wake up between 4 and 5am and am unable to continue sleeping. Exhausted, I repeatedly try to close my eyes and go back to sleep with not much luck. And because of this unfortunateness I end up dozing a lot later in the day.

Except for today. Today I guess I was just extra tired because the dozing started as early as 8am. Usually I’d just lay in bed and let myself go back to sleep since clearly that’s what my body wants. But today I had to go to the bank. I was pretty sure that my bank account was going to overdraft any day now, so I thought I’d put a few bucks in to stop them from charging me their ridiculous overdraft fee of $37.

Usually I’m pretty good about keeping an eye on my bank account. I have very limited funds so I never use my debit card without a really good reason. But my bank has this stupid rule about posting bill pays late. So if I’m not really on it with keeping track I can get the amount in my account confused. Stupid bank.

So while waiting for the bank to open (I got there 15 mins early) I sat down on the bench outside and started playing bingo on my phone. At least that’s what I thought I was doing. At some point I opened my eyes and luckily I was still holding my phone. Not so luckily, I was no longer alone on the bench. A weird guy, sitting wayyyy too close for comfort, was now staring at me, or rather at my phone which looked like it was about to drop from my hand into the ground. What an asshole! Who tries to steal a phone from a dozing woman on a park bench?? Ok technically I don’t know if he had plans to steal it, but he looked pretty sketchy so I wouldn’t doubt it. All in all another lesson that I need to try harder to not doze in public places.

Or my shower. Which happened the other day. Briefly. Amazingly I did not slip and fall to my death.

So clearly I’m going to have to figure out how to live with this narcolepsy deal in a better way. Otherwise phones, purses, and other necessary things may disappear from my future. And I could slip and fall and become a paraplegic. Not at all a fun picture…

Oy vey.



One thought on “I’ve got to stop dozing involuntarily 

  1. I see that I am not the only one with the off sleep pattern. No matter how early or late I get to bed, I cannot sleep throughout the night. I would love to here some of your secrets. Thanks for sharing and I hope things get better.


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