Losing my mobility…. Another tale of suckyness with RA

As someone who deals with chronic pain regularly, I’ve become accustomed to dealing with the challenges of mobility. With pain comes stiffness, and if I’m not using my cane, it can be difficult to get up and down from high places. By this I mean, standing up from sitting on the floor, or sitting down onto a low chair.

I don’t know when it was that this became a noticeable problem, but it’s definitely gotten wise as time went on. At first it was just lowering myself onto a chair that sat low, like movie theater seats or a beach chair. However, in time it was all chairs that proved difficult to sit in. My knees didn’t like to bend, and it took a lot of pain and effort to get up again.
Two years ago I noticed that it was damn near impossible for me to  stand up from being completely on the ground, like on a picnic blanket, or beach towel. So I began avoiding sitting like that, opting to use a chair or bench whenever possible.
When I moved into my apartment last August, I didn’t have a couch or chairs, and was offered a wicker couch typically used as outdoor furniture. While happy to have free furniture, the couch was exceedingly uncomfortable and it sat very low. I had a terrible time getting in and out of it. So when a friend offed me their used couch that was very comfy, I leapt at the chance. And until today I’ve never had any problems with it.
But just now, I had a very difficult time getting back into a sitting position from the laying position I was in. As mentioned, my couch is squishy and comfortable, so I’d often lay across it with my feet up on the arm rests. But due to my pain and stiffness this evening I had a really hard time pulling myself up and off. 34 years old and this couch made me feel like I was creeping on 70.

However that struggle was nothing compared to last night’s debacle..  My friends and I attended a local food event down near the Marian, that was centered around 40 food trucks and stalls. While it was a fun event with delicious bubbles, their set up was severely lacking in tables and chairs. How does a food event not provide an adequate amount of seating?? And because the food we were consuming required two hands to eat with, sitting was a necessity.
After a few fruitless rounds we opted to find a curb or grass to sit on. Or rather my friends did. I looked at that curb and knew this would prove very difficult. But I had to do it! And so, stealing myself,  I painfully lowered myself into the concrete curb. Once down there I was incredibly uncomfortable and knew I had to get up. And my oh my what a chore that was…
Basically I had to roll over onto my knees, and slowly pull myself up while steadying myself on my friends knee. It was painful, stiff, and never again thank you!

So at age 34, my joint pain and stiffness has rendered me to act like a 70 years old woman. Or at least another person dealing with the severity of my disease. Like it wasn’t hard enough to deal with already, add decreasing mobility as the days go by onto my list…. Bummer…

**If you’d like to help support my fight against Rheumatoid Disease you can donate here. Thank you.**

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