Taking My Body Back

It was just over five years ago that I woke up that fateful morning, attempting a good stretch, but screaming in pain instead. That first morning when I basically woke up with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, my life changing forever.

It was just over five years ago, when finally being referred to a Rheumatologist, I was given Prednisone. I thought my worries were over with the miracle drug that took away my pain so quickly. Only to learn how horrible and painful my life was still to become.

It’s been five years and I’ve taken almost every drug on the market for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve tried several rounds of TNF blockers and biologics, in pill, injection, and infusion form. And all the while I stayed on Prednisone. Five years and pounds of weight gain.

I tried to get off it a few times, but my doctors wouldn’t let me. They told me I needed it too much, or that it would make me sicker. Sicker, really? From Prednisone alone I developed severe Osteoporosis and Lymphoma. How much sicker could I get??

Well, two weeks ago I decided enough was enough. Sick of the weight gain, and the pain that I still have despite being on damn Prednisone for FIVE YEARS.

I didn’t consult a doctor, I did my own research, and I took back my body from those who thought to rule it. No one knows my body better than me. I did my own taper schedule, and I successfully quit Prednisone.

And next time they decide to tell me what I can and can’t do with MY BODY, their words can go to the same place my unneeded Prednisone went…with a flush down the toilet.

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