Moving On

Today I am moving into a new apartment. It will be the fourth residence I am to live in since coming to New Zealand two years ago.

This may make it seem like I enjoy moving, but really it’s a big pain in the ass. Especially for someone with a chronic pain disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Packing sucks for the reasonably healthy. Moving furniture sucks for anyone who hates carrying things. But for us, the chronically ill, it’s like a walking nightmare. We never know if we are going to be having a low pain day, or if our bodies will be in a cooperative mood.

Today I’m in relatively low pain as I had an infusion of Infliximab yesterday. But I haven’t been sleeping well. Or really, not at all. My eyes feel like they have a nasty film over them, and I want to sleep, but my body just won’t let me. It’s been like this for three nights. So, unfortunately, today is going to be a rough one.

But as you all know, I am an eternal optimist and strive to see the good in things. Like the fact that after being sick for six years and never really having any home support, I will finally have some. My mom and I have made the bold decision to move in together. I say bold because we both have dominant personalities that can clash at times. But when we are good, we are great. And I think we will be ok.

This won’t just be helpful because someone will always be around, but also because my mom knows my complete medical history. She can see the signs of my symptom flaring and is very understanding when I’m struggling. Plus as an added bonus, she will get to live with someone she knows and likes, as opposed to strangers.

We are moving to an area close to my main hospital. Minutes away from the emergency department for one of my routine issues. I was in the hospital three times just in the last six months!

So today, despite my exhaustion, I am up and dressed, and out in town at my fave breakfast place. Having the good American coffee and my cinnamon roll and I look forward to the new changes ahead of me.

One thought on “Moving On

  1. Holly Gillespie

    I completely understand having reservation moving in with your mom. However, this should be for the best. She seems like your main support system. And it will help you out a lot when you really need it the most.


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